Twitter Rips Trump To Shreds For Stupid Early Morning Tweet About Russia Investigation

President Trump is not one to give up easily, no matter whether whatever it is that he happens to be doing is a fool’s errand or not.

Thus, he continues to stick with the story that the investigation into him and his associates’ ties to Russia is a waste of everyone’s time. However, he can’t get around the fact that there remains evidence that a number of his associates worked to directly collude with Russia in their efforts to sway the U.S. presidential election in the Kremlin’s favor.

For instance, Michael Flynn, who was President Trump’s first National Security Adviser, evidently attempted to establish a back channel of communication between the Trump team and Russia before going into the White House.

Still, Trump, continuing to play the part of useful idiot, posted the following message on Twitter following the appointment of a special prosecutor to deal with all of this: “This is the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history!”

Twitter promptly reminded Trump and all who would listen that no, just because Trump likes to whine, that doesn’t mean that the Russia investigation is just a bunch of hot air.

Check out some of the best replies to Trump’s tweet below.

William Legate offered up a point by point takedown of Trump’s ridiculous assertion that he’s being treated especially “unfairly,” writing:

  • JFK was literally shot in the face
  • William McKinley was shot twice in the abdomen
  • James A. Garfield was shot in the back
  • Abraham Lincoln was assassinated while watching a play

He added: “You relentlessly attacked Obama for years over a baseless & racist conspiracy theory that has been needlessly proven false & you bitch like a little crying baby bc they’re launching an independent investigation because YOU fired the person investigating you?”



Featured Image via Gage Skidmore on Flickr, Available Under a Creative Commons License.


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