The White House Literally Just Picked A Fight With John Kasich On Twitter Because Of Course They Did

President Donald Trump’s “social media director” Dan Scavino Jr. literally tried to pick a fight with Ohio Governor and failed Republican presidential candidate John Kasich on Twitter this week — because of course he did.

Scavino’s topic of contention was Kasich’s apparent usage of his official Twitter account to promote his new book. Scavino wrote, “Are the people of Ohio ok with Governor using his official state Twitter handle to promote, sell, and profit from his new book?”

He included in his tweet, which you can see below, a screenshot of Kasich’s Twitter account, which features promotion for the Governor’s new book.

The tweet is likely a nod at Trump critics who have spoken out against the way in which the Trump family businesses have profited off Donald’s residency in the White House. After all, it’s not as though the White House is actually in any position to do anything about Kasich’s usage of his official account to promote his new book.

With these issues in mind, the point of Scavino’s tweet is likely to defend Trump against criticism for intertwining his business interests with the presidency by saying “well, everyone’s doing it!” Alternatively, Scavino could be legitimately that disconnected from the actions of his own boss that such never even crossed his mind.

Axios has the following commentary on the tweet:

‘Scavino would never send a tweet like this without President Trump’s either implicit encouragement or direct orders. It shows how Trump and his loyal aides still view themselves as scrappy counter-punchers and won’t leave any insult alone. (Kasich has been the most prominent of Trump’s Republican critics. He refused to endorse Trump and is currently enjoying an ‘I-told-you-so’ tour.)’

Kasich was the last Republican presidential candidate to drop out of the race in the face of the rising Trump tide.

Featured Image via Marc Nozell on Wikimedia Commons, Available Under a Creative Commons License.


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