President Trump Could Get MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell Fired

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell may be on his way out according to a new report from HuffPost.

That report details allegations that, although O’Donnell’s contract will soon expire, no negotiations have thus far taken place towards the end of renewing it.

Although this isn’t a given as to answering the question of whether or not O’Donnell will continue at the network, it indicates that he might not, because it’s highly abnormal for news organizations to let contracts with major hosts come within four weeks of expiring.

Individuals inside the network apparently tell HuffPost that NBC News Chairman Andy Lack is no fan of O’Donnell, with reasons given for that ranging from Lack disliking the liberal slant of O’Donnell’s show to him disliking the host on a more personal level. The latter dislike apparently stems out of the host refusing to have his show moved from the 10 PM slot to the 6 PM slot.

Only time will tell if this report is accurate or not. Should O’Donnell leave MSNBC, it would mean that one of the apparent biggest ratings grabbers for the network would be gone — although, apparently, Lack is of the opinion that O’Donnell is just riding on Rachel Maddow’s coattails. Still, O’Donnell’s show has routinely beat out Sean Hannity’s for viewers among 18 to 49 year olds.

Notably, there are some rumors that O’Donnell could be on his way out in an effort to appease the President.

Of those rumors, HuffPost says:

‘According to three sources, Trump has pressured MSNBC President Phil Griffin to fire O’Donnell on multiple occasions… Griffin and O’Donnell enjoy a cordial relationship but Griffin’s power as the President of MSNBC has been diminished by Lack since he returned in 2015. As a result, Lack will be the one to decide whether O’Donnell stays and under what terms. ‘



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  1. Deanna Hogan says:

    Of-course it’s to appease trump….as other commentators have noted we see NBC becoming FOX.

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  2. Barbara says:

    Rachel, Lawrence and Joy are their best! Been gradually moving toward CNN, if they allow Trump to persuade them to get rid of Lawrence. That does it. No more Fox junk!

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  3. I agree with Barbara: I watched CNN, then started Rachel and Lawrence with Joy on the weekends. If you are taken Lawrence off then
    I will only Rachel and go back to CNN.

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  4. Ethelene DiBona says:

    Rachel, Lawrence and Joy, and, of course, Morning Joe. I watch them faithfully. Keep them all!!!!


  5. Jo Gebhart says:

    I’m sick of dt trying to get all of his detractors fired. If MSNBC does not renew his show, they are crazy. They said if we elected (not me) a clown we could expect a circus.


  6. Edith Rode says:

    I already missed Lawrence tonight. I am always looking forward to watching Lawrence. Rather to fire Lawrence, Americans unite and fire Trump, enough is enough. Trump is a disgrace to our country.


  7. Babette Chenet says:

    I do NOT believe this article. MSNBC is the LAST to fold under pressure from DT, PLEEZ


  8. eve says:

    Let him go won’t watch that channel anymore


  9. Carol Wallen says:

    Andy Lack must not be able to appreciate capable interpretation of the news of the day. How unfortunate for us We always have CNN


  10. Cathy Keith says:

    I always look firward to The Last Word. When I can’t watch it I dvr it. He was warning us about Trump years before anyone else. Isn’t it enough that we no longer get to watch Steve Kornacki on a daily basis after being replaced by a Republican. I like Nicole Wallace but she is no Steve. Greta is pretty fair but she she is no Lawrence. I watch MSNBC because Lawrence O’Donnel was the 1st show I watched and he brought me into the station.


  11. Vinny DeFeo says:

    Impeach Lack!

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