Ivanka Trump Posted A Nastily Hypocritical Mother’s Day Tweet And Twitter Ripped Her Apart

Ivanka Trump continued on with her campaign to try and cast herself as some sort of feminist icon with a Sunday tweet in honor of Mother’s Day, writing, “Today, on Mother’s Day, we must confront that motherhood is now a greater determinant of pay inequality than gender.”

Ivanka’s tweet includes a link to a New York Times article which describes the latest efforts to get to the bottom of the gender pay gap, a gap which often finds women earning much less than their male counterparts. Ivanka has long given lip service to this issue, but her association with her father and the actual practices of her businesses shoot any credibility she might have had to talk about this issue right through the middle.

Twitter commenters promptly reminded Ivanka of this in the comments section of her Sunday tweet.

Check out some of the best replies to her tweet below.


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