A U.S. Tunnel Full Of Nuclear Material Has Collapsed, Sending Hundreds Of Workers Scrambling

A tunnel full of nuclear material has collapsed at a nuclear processing plant in Washington state.

A Western Washington NBC affiliate is reporting the following:

‘Hundreds of workers were in “take cover” position after a tunnel in a plutonium finishing plant collapsed in Hanford early Tuesday morning. The tunnel was full of highly contaminated materials such as hot radioactive trains that transport fuel rods.’

A source revealed to the news station that the collapse could have been prompted by vibrations caused by road crews doing work nearby.

NBC reporter Micah Grimes says that the Department of Energy has activated the Hanford Emergency Operations Center after this incident.

There is allegedly no documented leak of radiation and no reports of injured workers.

Still, the aforementioned NBC affiliate reports: “A manager sent a message to all personnel telling them to ‘secure ventilation in your building’ and ‘refrain from eating or drinking.'”

An individual speaking to a local reporter called the incident the “biggest deal” that they’ve seen in the 35 years they’ve been at the facility.

Featured Image via Jiří Sedláček on Wikimedia Commons, available under a Creative Commons License.


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