Trump Alleges On Twitter That The Democrats Colluded With Russia — And Not Him

President Trump continues to play into the hands of those who are uncovering the evidence damning his administration as nothing more than a group of useful idiots for the Russians.

He’s literally still using the tactics to try and divert attention away from the investigation into his campaign that might as well be examples from a Basic Psychology textbook of how to tell if someone is guilty or not.

He freaks out at every mention of Russia, repeating the same talking points over and over and over again, claiming that everyone except him and his team did that of which they’re accused.

Writing on Twitter Sunday¬†morning, Trump said: “When will the Fake Media ask about the Dems dealings with Russia & why the DNC wouldn’t allow the FBI to check their server or investigate?”

The thing is, as has been gone over many times before, Trump is the one who tapped a National Security Adviser that had deep financial ties to Russia, and then kept him on after being warned about him, not the Democrats.

Obama literally fired Trump’s now former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn back in 2014 from one of his old jobs with the federal government, and then warned Trump against hiring him.

Yet, even still, according to Trump, the real Russia scandal rests with the Democrats.

There is just no evidence to support that assertion. The claim that Clinton’s campaign chairman lied about investments in Russia has been debunked. Trump has tweeted images of Democratic leaders meeting with Russian leadership throughout the past decade — but that’s literally their job.

Featured Image via Gage Skidmore on Flickr, Available Under a Creative Commons License.


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