Obama Personally Warned Trump Against Hiring Flynn — But He Did Anyway

It has now been revealed that President Obama personally warned Donald Trump against hiring the now former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, with Trump, obviously, not heeding Obama’s warnings.

This warning came during the two’s meeting immediately following the election back in November 2016 and has been revealed by a group of ex-Obama staffers speaking to NBC News.

Trump, as mentioned, tapped Flynn for the job of National Security Adviser. Flynn, however, vacated the position after it was revealed that he had held secret meetings with the Russian Ambassador to the United States Sergei Kislyak. During these meetings, Flynn discussed the Trump administration’s intent to lift the sanctions against Russia once Donald Trump took office.

Flynn has also since been revealed to have failed to disclose payments from Russian state TV.

Flynn was head of the Defense Intelligence Agency in the closing years of the Obama Administration, but was fired in 2014 for reasons that NBC describes as issues of “mismanagement and temperament.”

The Trump administration has repeatedly blamed Obama for Flynn’s hiring, saying that they were just going on the security clearance granted by the Obama admin in ever taking him on.

As CNN’s Jim Sciutto notes, however, Obama fired Flynn, making any previous clearances all but null and void, and it’s additionally not ordinary for incoming administrations to fail to conduct their own background checks on individuals that they tap for key positions.


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