Bernie Sanders And His Wife Have Been Hit With A Federal Investigation

Bernie Sanders’s wife, Jane Sanders, is (still) under an FBI investigation for bank fraud, according to the testimony of several individuals involved with the case.

The investigation concerns allegations that Jane Sanders falsified information on a loan application, claiming that she had millions of dollars in donations secured for the now defunct Burlington College when she, in fact, did not. As a result of the claimed monies not actually coming in, the college defaulted on its loans and was forced to close down.

Sanders served as president of the college when making the loan application, and it’s apparently been alleged by Brady Toensing, a lawyer based in Washington, D.C., that Senator Bernie Sanders’s office “pressured People’s United Bank to approve the $6.5 million loan.”

Jeff Weaver, Bernie’s former campaign manager, offered the following statement on the case:

‘In February of 2016, in the middle of Bernie’s presidential campaign, the vice-chair of the Vermont Republican Party asked for a federal investigation of Burlington College. Jane has not been contacted by the FBI or any other authority and only knows as much as news reports indicate.  Jane served as president of the college from 2004 to 2011.  In the five years following her departure, the college experienced major turnovers in leadership, staff and its Board of Trustees.’

As mentioned, a number of individuals have already allegedly been interviewed by the FBI, with agents looking for information as to whether or not Sanders did, in fact, knowingly falsify information.

Those interviewed include people who Sanders alleged had pledged exorbitant amounts of money to the school and people who used to work in a leadership capacity at the school.

At least one of those saying they’ve been interviewed by the FBI expressed clear hostility towards Sanders.

Carol Moore, the final president of Burlington College, commented as follows of the case:

‘BC’s fate was set when its former board members hired an inexperienced president and, six years later, approved the imprudent purchase of a $10 million piece of property for campus expansion.’

Featured Image via Gage Skidmore on Flickr, Available Under a Creative Commons License.




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