Twitter Slams Ivanka Trump For Sickeningly Exploitative Tweet About Her Own Daughter

Ivanka Trump, taking after her father, is not one to shy away from the limelight.

She posted a tweet on Sunday featuring an image of her five year old daughter Arabella with the hashtag #Vogue, suggesting, perhaps, that her daughter belonged on the cover of Vogue some day.

Now, perhaps she does, but Arabella Trump is five years old. To revel in exposing her to the world at such a level is exploitative at best. There’s a time and a place for reveling in looks and then there’s a time and a place where the individual is five years old and you really need to keep her photos off the internet.

Ivanka isn’t just some wealthy socialite; she’s the daughter of the President of the United States and even an official member of her father’s presidential administration. For Ivanka to put her daughter out there like this exposes her to things that many adults can barely handle.

You can check out Ivanka’s tweet for yourself below.

Some of the most thought inducing replies to this tweet are featured below.

Arabella — and her three year old brother Joseph — sung a song in Mandarin for Chinese President Xi Jinping upon his visit to Trump’s Florida Mar-a-Lago resort.


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  1. Liz AceAls says:

    I agree that this woman is clueless and the worse part is that I am convince that she can care less about the American people and what her father’s, the GOP, her husband’s or her own actions and complicit behaviors/attitude do to the people. She and the rest of the Trumps only care for the “green stuff=money. She only sees money. She hides behind her facade of the “nice (barf! barf!) woman, the concerned and caring first daughter (barf, barb!!!) – She is a hypocrite and what she has done with her daughter frames all what is REALLY in her soul, heart and brain!!!! I am pleading for KARMA to go their way!! ASAP!!!


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