Group That Helped Carry Out The Holocaust Says It’s ‘Proud’ Of Trump Adviser Sebastian Gorka

A Nazi linked group that helped carry out the Holocaust says it’s “proud” of Trump’s top counterterrorism adviser Sebastian Gorka for wearing one of their medals to one of the inaugural balls held back in January.

Vitezi Rend spokesman Andras Horvath told NBC: “When he appeared on U.S. television… with the medal of the Vitez Order… it made me really proud

Andras Heisler, the Hungarian vice-president of the New York-based World Jewish Congress, told NBC “that members of the [Vitezi Rend] organization were likely complicit in the murder of some of the hundreds of thousands of Hungarian Jews toward the end of World War II.”

Based in part on the fact that Gorka wore the Vitezi Rend’s medal to the inaugural ball — and on other occasions as well — he’s been alleged to be a member of the organization. A number of spokespeople for the organization have explicitly claimed him as a member.

Gorka, unsurprisingly, has denied the whole thing, telling Tablet:

‘I have never been a member of the Vitezi Rend. I have never taken an oath of loyalty to the Vitezi Rend. Since childhood, I have occasionally worn my father’s medal and used the ‘v.’ initial to honor his struggle against totalitarianism.’

Indeed; Gorka has repeatedly chalked up his public associations to nothing more than an honor of his father.

Horvath, the aforementioned Vitezi Rend spokesman, was apparently “unable to confirm that Sebastian Gorka was a member himself,” saying instead that it was “possible” seeing as there were very many chapters around the world, any of which could have conducted Gorka’s swearing-in ceremony.

John Molar-Gazso, the captain of one of the multiple factions of the Vitezi Rend, told NBC: “The membership can be inherited by the children and this membership enters into force when they participate in an inauguration ceremony.”

Csaba Gáspá, who ran against Gorka in a Hungarian mayoral race, told NBC quite simply: “Everybody knew that he was member of the Order of Vitez.”

As a 15-year-old boy in 1944, Gorka’s father Paul “fought with a submachine gun through the ruins of the Hungarian capital,” according to his 2016 book “Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War.” Although the book doesn’t specify which side Paul Gorka was on, it’s likely the Nazi side.

Gorka has been rumored in recent weeks to be out of his White House job, but he flatly denied those reports on Sunday.

Featured Image via 7th Army Training Command on Flickr, Available Under a Creative Commons License.


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