AP: State Funded Texas Adoption Agencies Could Ban Jews, Gays, Muslims Under New Legislation

State funded adoption agencies in Texas could discriminate against minorities should recently proposed legislation pass.

State Rep. James Frank, who wrote the bill, claims that his bill is a valid piece of legislation for the same reasons that the Trump administration pushed through the recent executive order seeking to allow businesses to discriminate against LGBT people and other minorities — “religious freedom.”

According to Frank and those Republicans around the country who support similar legislation, it’s within the normal bounds of accommodating various religions for Christians to be allowed to discriminate against whoever they find to not meet their particular standards for the way that people should behave.

Should Frank’s bill pass, Christian or otherwise faith based adoption agencies could allow the faith of the family seeking to adopt to weigh into whether or not their adoption application is approved.

Feasibly, these agencies could also require children in their care to comply with their own particular standards of faith. One of the likely most acutely pressing, practical applications of this is that adoption agencies could deny contraceptives to young people under their care. Religious organizations have long clamored for an exemption to the mandate to include contraceptives coverage in their health coverage.

Catherine Oakley, senior legislative counsel for the Human Rights Campaign, summed up the utter ridiculousness of this measure, saying:

‘This would allow adoption agencies to turn away qualified, loving parents who are perhaps perfect in every way because the agency has a difference in religious belief. As a governmental entity, Texas is bound to treat people equally under the law. This is a violation of equal protection under the law.’

She’s right.

South Dakota’s Governor signed a similar measure into law earlier this year.

Featured Image via Jason Rosenberg on Flickr, Available Under a Creative Commons License.


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