Stephen Colbert Facing Federal Investigation For Anti-Trump Comments

Did Colbert go too far? Or is this an attack on free speech?

Popular late night television host Stephen Colbert has come under widespread scrutiny for a recent rant of his against the President. Although he’s made sexually charged jokes in the past — he does it on a basically regular basis — one of his latest has gotten him into hot water.

In a recent opening monologue, while commenting on the remarkable way in which CBS’s John Dickerson kept himself composed while facing an incredible mound of utter bullcrap in an interview with the President, Colbert said that the “only thing” that Donald Trump’s mouth is “good for” is to function as a “c— holder for Putin.”

The “joke” was that Colbert wasn’t like Dickerson so he didn’t have to maintain himself in the same fashion as the CBS host did in dealing with Trump’s ludicrousness.

That “joke,” however, in obscenely turning homosexuality into a punchline, has drawn unsurprising criticism.

Colbert isn’t phased, but the head of the FCC is.

Ajit Pai, who recently announced plans to repeal Obama-era net neutrality regulations, told a talk radio station: “We are going to take the facts that we find and we are going to apply the law as it’s been set out by the Supreme Court and other courts and we’ll take the appropriate action.”

The “appropriate action,” Pai explained, may include a fine.

For content to be “obscene” and warrant a fine, it “must appeal to an average person’s prurient (sexual) interest; depict or describe sexual conduct in a ‘patently offensive’ way; and, taken as a whole, lack serious literary, artistic, political or scientific value.”

Featured Image via Himmelrich on Flickr, Available Under a Creative Commons License.


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  1. Mary Cunningham says:

    This is Trump’s attempt to silence criticism….Comedians have done for worse than this for years…

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  2. trump is trying to take freedom of speech away from all of us he is the one braking the laws .

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  3. A comedian is not allowed to make an offensive joke? Sense when, oh excuse me sense Donald Trump. Are we expected to ignore all the offensive remarks trump made during his campaign and after.

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  4. Jan Gold says:

    This is a comedian on late night. Trump can dish out plenty of offensive comments but can’t take any comments about himself. This is freedom of speech. It you don’t like it turn the TV off, No one is forcing you o watch!

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  5. Look at the things Trump has said and done to others that is being covered up; he actually said “maybe a second amendment person would take take of HRC; he is making a fortune while in office; he has invited the what ever he is in the Philippines to the W H that he has a business deal with in that country; So Cplbert gave the fool what he does to others and he is being investigated, and Trump continues to screw the country?

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  6. This is ridiculous! This was obviously a joke which means NOT to be taken seriously!! Stephen Colbert should definitely NOT be fined or anything! Trump and his minions are ruining this country. Pay attention to more important matters!!!!


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