Rumored Trump Ally’s Armored National Guard Vehicle Purposefully Runs Over Protesters

Political unrest that makes the recent and repetitive Berkeley incidents seem like child play is rocking Venezuela.

For weeks now, protesters have been taking to the streets demanding that the controversial President Nicolas Maduro vacate his office immediately.

The protesters’ grievances with Maduro reached a boiling point, according to the Venezuelan Martin Rodil writing in The Hill, when the Maduro-led Supreme Court “stripped all remaining power away from the opposition-controlled National Assembly and eliminated parliamentary immunity.”

Now, millions have taken to the streets around the country demanding that Maduro step down, seeing as the stripping of power from the National Assembly came after a long campaign of impoverishing the Venezuelan people for the sake of lining the leadership’s pockets.

Ironically, President Trump himself has a part in this campaign to impoverish Venezuela’s people, with his inaugural committee having accepted “donations” of over half a million dollars from a key Venezuelan businessman and from the Venezuelan government itself.

The Trump administration is rumored to have provided a sort of reward for this massive donation via hosting a meeting with the aforementioned businessman’s son to discuss lifting the sanctions against Venezuela.

The Venezuelan government has been accused of being a part of everything from war crimes/crimes against humanity to international drug trafficking.

Now, in the latest horrifying episode to mark the protests that have sprung up in the face of all of this, video has emerged of a National Guard vehicle plowing down a group of protesters after the protesters had attacked the vehicle.

Watch the graphic video below.

Interior and justice minister Nestor Reverol told the media that the “lamentable” incident was “under investigation,” according to CNN, while also calling the protesters “terrorists.”

31 people have been killed in the Venezuelan unrest thus far, and it’s not immediately clear if this particular incident saw any casualties.


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