‘Christian Evangelist’ Just Compared LGBT People To ISIS Terrorists — This Is Not A Joke

As if you needed another reason to be upset about the direction of the country under President Trump’s leadership, noted Trump ally and prominent Christian mass evangelist Franklin Graham compared LGBT people in the United States to ISIS terrorists overseas in a recent interview.

Graham was speaking on “Washington Watch” radio about the upcoming World Summit in Defense of Persecuted Christians.

In the course of his remarks, Graham compared the “troubles” experienced by American Christians who are penalized for discriminating against LGBT people to the daily threat on their lives from ISIS terrorists experienced by Christians overseas.

In the process, he effectively lumped ISIS terrorists and LGBT people into the same category on account of the latter’s “agenda” to have themselves be respected as human beings.

Graham said:

‘We need not only put a spotlight on what is happening around the world but what is happening here in this country, where Christians are being persecuted, but in a different way. Like you said, it’s not with a gun or a sword but they are being forced out of business because they did not support the gay-lesbian agenda.’

Franklin Graham is, quite simply, wrong. Egyptian Christians, for instance, suffered two major bombing attacks this past Easter, attacks which left dozens dead.

To compare these attacks to the fury against those stuck up Americans who refuse to serve gay people is ludicrous.

Featured Image via “Cornstalker” on Wikimedia Commons, Available Under a Creative Commons License.


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  1. Shame on you FRANKLIN GRAHAM, I’m sure that your father is rolling over in his grave. You come across as trumps lap dog. What about truth, integrity, honor, if nothing else-The 7 commandments. Question: WHAT WOULD JESUS DO UNDER PRESENT CIRCUMSTANCES. I your proclaimed beliefs are true-someday you’ll have to answer for you actions-IS YOUR NAME WRITTEN IN THE BOOK OF LIFE? I seriously doubt it. More likely, The Lake of Fire Awaits You. If your father were still alive, I’m sure he would disown you for giving ALLEGIANCE to this sorry excuse of an administration. At Nuremburg, Judges were held guilty for following the STATES ORDERS and BUSINESS as dictated. Following orders is no excuse. Do you already carry “THE MARK OF THE BEAST”????

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