Twitter Eats Paul Ryan Alive For Gleeful Tweet About Obamacare Repeal

There’s really not that much to say here; the Republicans’ plans to repeal and replace Obamacare with something far inferior are straightforwardly bad. If Trumpcare becomes law, untold numbers of Americans will die due to lack of healthcare.

The bill passed the House on Thursday and is now up for debate in the Senate. A number of big name Senators have spoken against the bill, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not going to pass.

Republicans took what many described as a “premature” victory lap following Trumpcare’s passage in the House. The “victory lap” is premature because the bill, quite simply, has yet to face an actual formidable challenge. That challenge will come in the Senate.

Ryan posted a video of himself speaking at a Thursday press conference about Trumpcare’s passage, captioned sickeningly gleefully with the text: “Today, we kept our promise to #RepealAndReplace #Obamacare.”

Some of the best replies to Ryan’s tweet are below. They speak for themselves.

Featured Image via Paul Ryan’s Facebook page.


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