Trump Just Gave Separation Of Church And State The Finger AGAIN — Country Outraged

President Trump is continuing on down the path of establishing his presidential administration as little more than the pet project of white, conservative Christian America, shamelessly promoting white conservative Christian America’s causes while ignoring those of other communities.

Trump’s official @POTUS account retweeted a message from the infamous Christian mass evangelist Franklin Graham on Wednesday.

The message was a video message on the occasion of the National Day of Prayer, which is on Thursday.

In the message, Graham spews out some rather cliched mass market Christianity bullcrap, saying:

‘The most important thing that we can do is pray, and to pray for our country, and to pray for our president. Our country needs prayer; we’re in trouble.’

A quick Google search reveals why it is that Graham thinks that the United States is “in trouble.”

Speaking this very week about an upcoming conference devoted to the cause of bringing awareness to persecuted Christians, Graham literally compared American business owners who refuse to do business with gay couples and are penalized for it to those Christians who are murdered by the Islamic State across the Middle East on a basically routine basis.

Graham said:

‘We need not only put a spotlight on what is happening around the world but what is happening here in this country, where Christians are being persecuted, but in a different way… It’s not with a gun or a sword but they are being forced out of business because they did not support the gay- lesbian agenda. It’s over and over and over again across the country where Christians are being singled out, their businesses, because they won’t support the agenda of another group of people.’

Seriously, you idiot? Is it that far fetched for LGBT people to have an “agenda” that includes them being respected as human beings?

Is is really a surprise that Trump is, apparently, fond of this guy?

Featured Image via Evan Guest on Flickr, Available Under a Creative Commons License.


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