Melania Trump Gets Ripped Apart On Twitter For Pathetically Ignorant Thursday Tweet

Melania Trump isn’t helping.

Although First Ladies normally arise into a position of prominence through conducting some kind of noteworthy social policy, Melania just hasn’t done that yet. Michelle Obama, her predecessor, did such things as found the “Let Girls Learn” program — with the present administration having literally been reported to have ended that program.

In a way, we just don’t have the time to concern ourselves with the kinds of things that a First Lady usually concerns themselves with while Melania’s husband sends the country up in figurative flames.

Melania posted a tweet on Thursday afternoon that immediately drew her widespread scorn, seeing as she seems to want to act like everything is just all fine and dandy at literally the same time as her husband is helping destroy the health coverage of millions of Americans through the repeal of Obamacare.

Melania’s tweet, which you can see below, reads: “Enjoyed spending time with Congressional spouses at today’s annual luncheon. I look forward to working with such an impressive group.”

Some of the best bits of Twitter’s response to this in her comments section are featured below.

Melania is still, apparently, not living in the White House, racking up untold millions of dollars in security costs while staying in NYC with her and Donald’s son Barron for the time being.


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