Viral Video Shows Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Assault Reporter

A Republican candidate for the office of Governor of Pennsylvania lost his cool this Tuesday while giving a feel good campaign speech at a private country club.

The candidate, PA State Senator Scott Wagner, suddenly realized that he was being taped by a campaign tracker while giving the aforementioned speech. A campaign tracker is someone who does precisely what their job title suggests; they follow candidates around to pretty much every event and public appearance, recording as much of it as possible in an effort to find something to slip them up.

This particular tracker, who has not been identified, works with the American Bridge PAC, which was founded by David Brock of Media Matters for America.

He was taping Wagner’s speech when the State Senator, upon realizing he was being taped, declared that he was going to confiscate the tracker’s camera, even though he (obviously) has no authority to do that.

Wagner eventually gave the tracker a bloody finger in the tumult of him wrestling the camera away from him.

Lizzy Price, an American Bridge communications director, commented to

‘Scott Wagner’s actions today show how unhinged he truly is. If he can’t handle the pressure of the campaign, what makes him think he can handle leading the state?’

Watch the two videos of the incident below. The first was taken with the tracker’s camera, while the second was taken with the tracker’s phone. The tracker eventually got his camera back, minus the memory card. The footage was safe because it was simultaneously recording to the camera and the card.


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