Former President Obama Just Unveiled Plans To Create A Music Recording Studio Because Of Course He Did

President Obama isn’t exactly interested in retreating from the public arena just because he’s no longer in the White House.

Speaking Wednesday about the plans for the Barack Obama Presidential Center in Chicago, Obama has revealed that he’s planning on incorporating a music studio into his take on the traditional presidential library.

Obama, of course, is from Chicago, and he gave both his farewell address and his first public remarks following his departure from the White House in the city. He’s always maintained a connection to the city, having even seen one of his Chiefs of Staff go on to become the (still in office) mayor of the metropolis.

The Obama Presidential Center will, according to Consequence of Sound, open in 2021 and bring millions of dollars in revenue and some 1,500 jobs to Chicago’s South Side.

Of the Center, Obama commented:

‘We want this to be the world’s premiere institution for training young people and leadership to make a difference in their communities in their countries and in the world — that’s our goal.’

He added that he wants to invite artists ranging from Chance the Rapper to Bruce Springsteen to record at the studio that will be on the Center grounds.



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