Two Journalists Just Flashed An Alleged White Power Hand Gesture In WH Press Room

The issue of the normalization of hate speech in general and white supremacy in particular continues thanks to the Trump Administration.

After the spike in hate crimes against minorities in the weeks after Trump’s election, and after a journalist flashed a white power symbol in the White House press room earlier this year, two far right “journalists” have again flashed an alleged white power symbol in the White House press room.

One of the two, noted “alt-right” leader Mike Cernovich, made headlines for his (false) claim that he was discriminated against by the White House press office and denied credentials. The other, Cassandra Fairbanks, has become infamous for claiming to have gone from supporting Bernie Sanders to supporting Donald Trump.

Cernovich and Fairbanks both spend their time peddling crap on the internet these days.

Check out the image below of their pair recently making a White power hand sign in the White House briefing room.

The two have unsurprisingly denied that they intended to make a white power symbol, but coupling their denial with their denial of the overall problem of white supremacy in the United States doesn’t lend towards people actually believing them.



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