Trump Cuts Off Interview, Forces Reporter Out Of Oval Office After Question About Wiretapping Claims

CBS’s John Dickerson got the presidential hand treatment when taping an interview with Donald Trump this past weekend.

Dickerson asked Trump about the President’s March 4 claim that President Obama had the controversial businessman’s wires tapped while the former was still in the White House.

Those claims have never been proven in any capacity, and it’s been pretty much a given all along that the claims were nothing more than the bullcrap production of a bullcrap prone mind. Still, since Trump is the President, his claims have had to be taken at least somewhat seriously, no matter how outlandish they may be.

Well, CNN has now gotten their hands on a clip of the taping session of the interview that CBS’s John Dickerson conducted with Trump this past weekend, and it shows that Trump is as committed as ever to the deity of anything and everything that comes out of his mouth, no matter how outlandish.

Watch the clip below.

In the interview, Trump said: “I think our side’s been proven very strongly and everybody’s talking about it and frankly, it should be discussed.”

When Dickerson pressed him about the matter, Trump simply said, “That’s enough, thank you,” and waved him out of the Oval Office while sitting down at his desk.

The CBS reporter told his co-worker Gayle King:

‘I think it was pretty clear that I was to escort myself out, or I would be escorted out — I would be moved along. It was time for our conversation to be over.’

The interview with Dickerson had already been observed to seem especially hostile.

Featured Image via Gage Skidmore on Flickr, Available Under a Creative Commons License.


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