Paul Ryan Gets Owned On Twitter For Trying To Defend Latest Gov’t Funding Flop

Well this is interesting.

Although by and large, it’s Democrats/ liberals who show up in Twitter comments sections to let national leaders have it these days, it’s angry Republicans who showed up en masse in the comments section of Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s latest tweet.

What Ryan was trying to do with his Twitter thread was defend the government appropriations bill that just passed the House and Senate and funds the government until September. The bill was passed just in time; a shutdown of all non-essential government services was looming.

What has the far right Republican base up in arms, however, is that many of the details of the just passed appropriations bill allocate money similarly to appropriations bills that were passed during the Obama era. Funding for Planned Parenthood is kept intact, for instance, with no funding provided for the construction of President Trump’s long promised U.S./ Mexico border wall.

Likely with the goal in mind of appeasing concerned members of the mindlessly Trump-ian base, Ryan’s official statement on the matter, as posted to Twitter, reads: “The govt funding bill acts on @POTUS’ commitment to rebuild our military and bolster our nation’s border security.”

Republicans on Twitter, however, weren’t impressed. Check out some of the most interesting replies below.

Featured Image via Gage Skidmore on Flickr, Available Under a Creative Commons License


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