Twitter Annihilates Eric Trump For Tweet About Donald’s Golf Courses

In the days of Donald Trump’s White House reign, pretty much everything that his family has done has and continues to rightfully come under scrutiny.

Much of this is Donald’s own doing in that he is the one who handed off executive control of his massive real estate empire to his children for the duration of his presidential administration, thus involving them in all questions about conflict of interest.

Combining that fact with the fact that Donald isn’t the only one in his family who really likes Twitter creates a perfect storm for some pretty biting Twitter comments to show up on the Trump family’s tweets.

Eric Trump’s recent tweet about one of his dad’s golf courses is no exception.

Eric — or one of his staffers — wrote: “The 78th #SeniorPGAChampionship heads to @TrumpGolfDC this Memorial Day Weekend.”

Sounds innocent enough, right?


Twitter commenters promptly reminded Eric that he’s in no position whatsoever to talk innocently about something seemingly as innocent as golf, seeing as he’s basically complicit in his dad’s shenanigans.

Check out some of the best replies to Eric’s tweet below.

Featured Image via Students for Trump on Wikimedia Commons, Available Under a Creative Commons License.


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