Melania Trump Gets Ripped To Shreds For Disgusting, Arrogant Tweet About Children’s Healthcare

It is by now quite well known that the Trump Administration — as led by Melania Trump’s husband — is fully prepared to cut the health coverage and other social safety nets that serve untold numbers of American children.

For instance, the Trump Administration has proposed cutting funding for free school meals to poor children in the name of finding funds to pay for Trump’s proposed expansion of the military and for his proposed U.S./ Mexico border wall.

Similarly, “Trumpcare,” in all its incarnations, has been set to eliminate health coverage for tens of millions of Americans, something which would undoubtedly affect untold numbers of American children. These effects could come both through the children themselves being denied healthcare and through their caretakers being denied it and thus unable to properly care for the kids under their care.

Despite all of this, Melania Trump had the audacity to help lead a dedication of a healing garden at a Washington. D.C., children’s hospital.

She tweeted about it, of course, and since this is 2017 after all, furious Twitter users promptly tore the First Lady apart for her hypocrisy in going along with Donald and yet pretending to care about children’s healthcare.

She — or one of her staffers — wrote: “Wonderful opening ceremony today for the new Healing Garden @childrenshealth. It will play vital role in recovery of extraordinary patients.”

Check out some of the best replies to her tweet below.


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