Twitter Eats Paul Ryan Alive For Claim That Trumps Destruction of the Environment is a Good Thing 

On Friday, President Trump signed into law a repeal on a ban on offshore drilling that had been instituted during the Obama Administration.

He said that the repeal would “unleash” the power of American energy, but it’s not like opening up drilling within our borders is the only way to do that. Has he ever heard of wind energy production? Has he ever heard of solar energy production?

Environmental groups unsurprisingly expressed outrage at President Trump’s decision, while noted invertebrate and Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan unsurprisingly gave the measure his full support.

In a statement posted to Twitter, Ryan said:

‘I welcome this action that will open up Arctic waters for drilling offshore… The United States has been blessed with abundant oil and natural gas reserves. State governments have been eager to explore offshore, but the Obama administration blocked them from allowing it. Harnessing our nation’s energy resources creates jobs and gives us leverage on the foreign stage…’

Twitter promptly told Speaker Ryan to, quite simply, shove it, and stop parroting a false narrative about Trump’s actions being necessary for American energy independence and job growth when there are plenty of other ways to get to that very thing.

Check out some of the best replies below.

Featured Image via Gage Skidmore on Flickr, Available Via a Creative Commons License.


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