Watch CollegeHumor’s Take On Trump’s Presidency: ‘Is Trump the President or Am I Brain Damaged?’

Titans of internet humor CollegeHumor have produced a sketch that quite aptly sums up the feelings of millions of Americans on the occasion of Trump’s ascension to power.

In the video, the comic actors participating in the sketch are playing a game of football — inside their office — when one of them falls over the back of a chair, prompting concern from the others engaged in the game with him as to whether or not he’s seriously injured.

The bulk of the sketch consists of the potentially injured coworker laying on the floor going over how it can’t possibly be the case that the person who he’s thinking is the President really is the President. His coworkers had asked him who the President was as a test question to see if he was disoriented or not.

Check it out below.


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