Two American Soldiers Have Just Been Killed Fighting ISIS

Two U.S. soldiers participating in the fight against ISIS in a remote region of Afghanistan have been killed, according to Pentagon spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis.

Davis told reporters Thursday:

‘Two US service members were killed in action last night in southern Nangarhar, Afghanistan, during an operation against ISIS Khorasan.’

This report comes just a short time after the U.S. dropped the so-called “Mother of All Bombs” in the region, targeting a network of underground tunnels used by the terror group.

That weapon has never before been used in battle, and its inaugural usage in Afghanistan killed an estimated almost 100 ISIS operatives. The U.S. estimated at the time that 600 to 800 ISIS operatives were functioning in Afghanistan at the time the MOAB was dropped.

According to CBS News, “NATO ended its current mission [in Afghanistan] in 2014, but troops remain in the country to assist and train the Afghan Security Forces, though they have been increasingly called on for support.”

Featured Image via Jim Mattis on Flickr, Available Under a Creative Commons License.


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