Twitter Eats Paul Ryan Alive For Tweet Claiming Trump Has Actually Done Something In First 100 Days

Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan took to Twitter this Thursday afternoon to join in on the chorus of voices claiming that anything positive and remarkable can be said of President Trump’s first 100 days.

Ryan wrote, captioning a video of himself talking at a press conference, “This has been an incredibly active first 100 days. We have already saved families and businesses more than $67 billion.”

Check out the video below.

There is, however, a major problem with Ryan’s remarks.

To suggest that the destructiveness that has marked President Trump’s first 100 days in office can be construed as anything even remotely positive is a pathetic joke.

All Trump has done is rip up important regulations that protect American workers, the environment, and everything in between.

Twitter users promptly reminded Ryan of these facts on Thursday.

Check out some of the best replies to Ryan’s tweet below.


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  1. Jon Goode says:

    This piece of crap is trying to take healthcare away from 24 million Americans ,and his claim is a bunch of crap ,. The only money the whitehouse staff has saved ,is the money they siphoned into their private accounts ,. This idiot was`nt voted in as President for a reason , and why he`s even part of Trump`s staff ,is because he wanted a chance to rip off the American people ,with the rest of the GOP.

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  2. STA NLEY GORDON says:

    Paul Ryan lies about everything. His only job has been in government. He has been feeding at the government trough all his working life. He knows nothing about ordinary Americans. When he speaks he talks in “tongues” I never understand this numbnut. He is,a disgrace.

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  3. You are an hypocrite, lier and a sad person. You do not care about this country. You have the nerve. This inept president the only thing he “accomplished” was to sign destructive executive orders. Do you think that he American people are stupid?


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