Democratic Party Stands By Complicit As Violent, Anti-Semitic NYC City Council Candidate Rises

Thomas Lopez-Pierre would like the people of New York City’s 7th District to elect him to the City Council.

He is of Caribbean origin, and is running on a simple premise — “greedy Jewish landlords” must be stopped.

That’s right — in the year 2017, in the United States of America, there is a political leader making a name for himself in one of the country’s major cities who is parroting Nazi-esque ideology.

And he’s not alone in his beliefs, seeing as he has enough of a base of support to mount the City Council run that he’s presently undertaking.

The Observer obtained a “missive” that Lopez-Pierre sent to his supporters.

It reads:

‘We shall rise up against greedy Jewish landlords in New York City! If our political leaders fail to protect us, we shall sacrifice blood to save our communities from the evils of gentrification.’

Has the Democratic Party made a statement of opposition against this man?


Where is the supposedly people-oriented Democratic Party, then?

Well, peppered across Lopez-Pierre’s social media accounts and his campaign website are images of himself with Democratic political figures as high up as Barack Obama.

In other words, the Democrats are simply content with continuing on with their long in place policy of making corporate concerns at least as important as concerns of the average citizen, such as those that would hope to see someone put a stop to Lopez-Pierre’s advance.

It’s not clear what chance Lopez-Pierre has of winning the Democratic primary for the City Council seat for which he’s running, which will be held on September 12, 2017.

Featured Image via Thomas Lopez-Pierre for City Council.


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