BREAKING: Pentagon Inspector General Launches Investigation Into Former Trump Adviser Michael Flynn

Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s problems just got significantly worse.

He had to leave his NSA job after it was revealed that he’d held possibly illegal meetings with the Russian Ambassador to the United States and then lied about their existence.

Concurrently to that issue, it was revealed that Flynn had taken a number of large payments from foreign governments — including Russia and Turkey — for “consulting” work.

Flynn did not disclose these payments on the forms associated with his federal security clearance that asked for that very information. Rep. Elijah Cummings, the ranking Democrat on the House Oversight Committee, has said that Flynn may have committed a felony in failing to disclose those payments.

Well, the House Oversight Committee has just revealed that the Department of Defense’s Inspector General has opened an investigation into Flynn.

The underpinning for this investigation is a warning that Flynn was given upon retirement from government and the military in 2014 to not accept payments from foreign governments. Flynn falls under the same Constitutional provision — the emoluments clause — that has prompted concern over President Trump’s financial connections to foreign governments.

Featured Image via Kristyn Ulanday.


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