Twitter Attacks Ivanka Trump For Embarrassingly Arrogant Holocaust Memorial Tweet

Ivanka Trump went to Germany this week, and besides making an appearance at a panel discussion about women’s issues — where she was booed — she also visited the Berlin Holocaust Memorial.

She commemorated her visit to the Berlin Holocaust memorial with, among other things, a tweet, writing, “I am deeply moved by the history of this memorial, honoring the six million European Jews whose lives were taken during the Holocaust.”

Her tweet — featured below — includes a photo of her at the memorial.

The problem is that Ivanka is in no position to speak against the horrors of the Holocaust. She is, at best, complicit in the horrifying regime of her father, a regime which, if transplanted to 1930’s Germany, could easily create the same effects that Hitler’s regime created.

Donald Trump continues to show no regard for the need to respect minorities, singling out Mexicans, Muslims, and immigrants as a whole for scrutiny when there is no legitimate reason for him to do so. He has surrounded himself with people who fall on the more active end of the racism spectrum, actively associating themselves with white nationalist causes.

Twitter promptly reminded Ivanka this week that she’s in no position to speak to the horrors of the Holocaust without first addressing the Hitler-esque bigotry in her own father’s presidential administration.

Check out some of the best replies to Ivanka’s tweet below.

Featured Image via Michael Vadon on Flickr, Available Under a Creative Commons License.


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