Sean Spicer Just Picked A Fight With A Reporter On Twitter — Twitter Promptly Ripped Him To Shreds

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has a tough job.

As the mouthpiece for what might very well be the most corrupt presidential administration in recent American history, he often ends up spewing bullcrap.

That tendency towards bullcrap was put on full display on Twitter this Wednesday afternoon, when he took the antics that he’s become known for in the White House Press Briefing Room to the social media platform.

Spicer was writing a reply to Washington Post reporter Aaron Blake, who had tweeted a link to an article of his in which he notes that a certain claim Kellyanne Conway made about Trump’s first 100 days in office is “somehow both true and shows a complete disdain for facts.”

Blake adds in his article that the claim in question — that Trump is the first president since 1881 to get a Supreme Court confirmed in his first 100 days — “sounds impressive and means next to nothing.”

Spicer, however, took grave offense to this simple observation of the facts from Aaron Blake.

The Press Secretary wrote on Twitter of Blake’s characterization of Conway’s claim: “Actually it’s not “somehow true.” It’s a fact. It happened.”

First of all, Spicer mis-read the article, because the word “somehow” wasn’t being applied to whether or not the claim Conway made was, in fact, true or not. Rather, it was being applied to the coexistence of that truthfulness and the utter irrelevance of Conway’s statement.

Secondly, Twitter promptly reminded Spicer that, judging by his history, he’s in no position at all to talk about what’s true and what’s not.

Check it out below.


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