Mike Pence’s Facebook Post About Recent Overseas Visit Just Got Taken Over Big Time By Trump Opponents

Vice President Mike Pence’s office tried to make a Facebook post. They really tried.

Making social media posts could be said to be a way for the Trump Administration to assert that they’re really not as abnormal as most of America and the world makes them out to be. Trump himself has said as much, saying that he likes Twitter so much because of the connection with the “everyman” that it allows him to have.

Still, that’s a pretty vague and irrelevant goal to have when you turn around from social media to sign executive orders taking away laws and regulations that made America as “great” as it was before Trump ever came around.

Pence made a recent Facebook post trying, ostensibly, to seem like a “normal” Vice President on the occasion of his recent trip overseas. You can check out the post below.

Facebook commenters, however, promptly showed up to remind Pence — and anyone who would listen — that the former Indiana Governor is about as far off from “normal” as is humanly possible.

Check out some of the best comments on Pence’s post below.





Pence’s recent trip to Asia was cut short due to the “amount of issues on deck in Washington.”

Featured Image via Gage Skidmore on Flickr, Available Under a Creative Commons License.


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  1. pence just can’t hear or can’t believe what he hears. pence is a weird dude. He wants all of us to go for his religion and beliefs. Course most of us think he is as crazy as #45 and don’t care a bit what he wants. It’s different and canned. Pence is a really bad Veep.


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