Twitter Hilariously Trolls Trump’s Tweet Announcing Sec Of Agriculture Confirmation

Twitter isn’t about to let Trump off the hook, even for one second.

The President took to Twitter this Tuesday morning to offer congratulations for former Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue on his apparent confirmation to the position of U.S. Secretary of Agriculture.

Trump wrote, “Congratulations to @SecretarySonny on being confirmed as the 31st @USDA Secretary!”

Perdue, unsurprisingly, has a number of problems in his background, including issues that are pretty much a key part of the cliched retired Republican Georgia Governor look. Mother Jones reports that Perdue, for instance, is a “big fan” of the Confederacy and is “deeply intertwined” with the industry that he’s now tasked to oversee.

Twitter users didn’t really focus on the problematic aspects of Perdue’s background in their comments to Trump’s Tuesday congratulations tweet, instead simply refusing to let Trump pretend like his administration is as much of a “well oiled machine” as he might like to pretend that it is.

Featured Image via Michael Vadon on Flickr, Available Under a Creative Commons License.


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