Sean Spicer Gets Slammed On Twitter For Claiming Trump Has Actually Done Something In First 100 Days In Office

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has been under fire for some time for, in many cases, doing little more then mindlessly peddling the crap that his boss spews.

The whole Trump Administration’s latest hyperfixation is that of the “First 100 Days.” Trump and his comrades have spewed a lot of crap about Trump supposedly doing things that are great, marvelous, etc., during his first 100 days.

The problem is that the Trump team’s statements about the President’s job performance during his first 100 days are short sighted at best and utterly ludicrous at worst.

For instance, as an example of the latter, MSNBC’s Joy Reid discovered recently that the White House was preparing a talking point for the occasion of the First 100 Days mark claiming that Trump was a better President then both Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his successor, Harry S. Truman.

Well, Sean Spicer unsurprisingly joined in on all this bullcrap, posting an initially seemingly innocuous video from CBS News discussing Trump’s first 100 days.

Twitter, however, was not about to let Spicer get away with claiming that President Trump has done anything worth being proud of in his first 100 days in office, as you can see in the replies below.


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