Twitter Rips Apart House GOP Leader For Insensitive Holocaust Remembrance Day Tweet

House GOP Leader and California Republican Congressman Kevin McCarthy posted a message on Twitter this Monday afternoon, in honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Monday’s equivalent on the Hebrew calendar was set aside by the Israeli government in the 1950’s. It is known as Yom HaShoah in Hebrew, and comes week before the observance known as Yom HaZikaron, which is the Israeli Memorial Day for those killed by terrorists. No matter what you think of the State of Israel, no reasonable person can assert that completely innocent people have not lost their lives at the hands of terrorists.

Yom HaShoah is intended to serve in part as a reminder of the Jewish resistance to the Nazis during World War II. Jews were, of course, joined in that resistance by a number of other minorities such as Poles.

Rep. McCarthy, as a leader of a political party that hosts such obscenely hateful people such as Steve Bannon — and Donald Trump, who allowed Steve Bannon to rise to power — is in no position to speak to the lessons of the Holocaust.

Twitter was quick to remind him of this fact.

McCarthy’s original message reads, “On this day, we remember the 11 million people, including six million Jews, who were murdered during the Holocaust. #HolocaustRemembranceDay.”

Twitter comments on McCarthy’s insensitive post are featured below.

Featured Image via MedIII DC On Flickr, Available Under A Creative Commons License.


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