Sean Spicer Posts Arrogant Monday Tweet About NASA, Twitter Rips Him Apart

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has had better days. Well, pretty much all of his days since he took his new job could be described that way.

This Monday morning, he posted on Twitter on the occasion of American astronaut Peggy Whitson setting a new record for the most cumulative days in space, having just passed the previous record of 534 days.

Remarkably, CNN reports, Whitson also holds the record for most spacewalks by a female astronaut, having taken her eighth spacewalk in March. Whitson also was the first woman to command the International Space Station. She is the current ISS commander, this being the second time that she’s served in that position.

Whitson is set to receive a congratulatory phone call from President Trump, his daughter Ivanka, and astronaut Kate Rubins from the Oval Office this Monday morning.

That’s what Spicer  — or, someone from his office  — tweeted about this Monday morning, and that’s what Twitter ripped into him for. See, this administration is, quite simply, hardly in any position to speak glowingly about any science-related achievement. President Trump has proposed a sweeping set of cuts to science programs across the federal government, including cutting off funding to the NASA program that collects climate data via satellite.

And this guy’s Press Secretary wants to act like his administration cares about science?

Spicer wrote, quite simply, “About to kick off live (10am) Oval Office teleconference with ISS @NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson.” His tweet includes a link to watch the call.

Twitter promptly reminded Spicer that he is in no position at all to talk about science.


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