Twitter Rips Donald Trump Jr. To Shreds Over Painfully Arrogant Earth Day Tweet

Donald Trump Jr. seems to enjoy following in the footsteps of his father’s tradition of posting painfully off-point crap on Twitter.

Trump Jr. continued on with this on Saturday, posting an Earth Day message which serves as an apt reminder of just how divorced the Trump family really is from the concerns of the average American.

Quite simply, while most of America and the world concern themselves with protecting the environment for generations to come, President Trump and his kind concern themselves with how much financial profit and personal pleasure that they can get out of the environment.

That’s why President Trump has killed a number of important environmental protection regulations in his short time as president, and that’s also why Trump Jr. took to Africa for big game hunting with no regard for the effect of his actions on the balance of the local ecosystem.

This disconnect from actual, legitimate concerns of the general population also underlies why Trump Jr. posted what he did on Earth Day.

He wrote, “No better way to spend than in the stunning state of Montana! Loved getting out with terrific people in one of my favorite states!”

Trump Jr. went prairie dog hunting (yes, really) while in Montana, which he visited in order to campaign for the GOP candidate to replace Ryan Zinke in Congress. Zinke formerly served as Congressman from Montana, but he’s now the Secretary of the Interior.

Trump Jr. also, according to the photos that he included in his tweet, went fishing while in Montana.

Twitter commenters — like always — were quick to point out Trump Jr.’s arrogance in posting photos from a rich kid’s wilderness expedition in the context of Earth Day.

Featured Image via Gage Skidmore on Wikimedia Commons, Available Via A Creative Commons License.


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