Melania Trump Posts Arrogant Saturday Tweet, Twitter Rips Her Apart

It remains true that not one of the Trumps can escape the wrath of the public in the ongoing saga of the family patriarch’s mess of a presidential administration.

First Lady Melania Trump posted a message on Twitter this Saturday morning about the start of a “White House spring garden tour” and Twitter promptly ate her alive for her arrogance. (It might have been a Melania Trump staffer who actually posted the tweet, but the attacks on Melania’s arrogance apply all the same.)

Melania wrote, “.@POTUS & I are pleased to welcome visitor’s @WhiteHouse #Spring garden tour. We hope everyone enjoys exploring the beautiful grounds!”

Melania Trump doesn’t actually live in the White House, although First Ladies obviously do most always live in the presidential residence in Washington, D.C. Melania lives in New York City at the moment with her and Donald’s son, Barron. The security arrangement that has to go with Melania and Barron’s residence in NYC costs the nation millions upon millions of dollars.

It’s the disconnect from concerns of the public that that set-up represents — of which there are plenty more examples on Melania’s part — that Twitter commenters preyed upon in Melania’s Twitter comments section on Saturday.

Featured Image via Disney/ ABC Television Group on Flickr, Available Under a Creative Commons License.


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