Twitter Slams Trump For Tweet Claiming That He’s Actually Done Something In His First 100 Days

Early on Friday morning, President Trump took to Twitter to gripe about the media’s supposedly unfair treatment of him in light of the first 100 days mark of his presidency.

He wrote: “No matter how much I accomplish during the ridiculous standard of the first 100 days, & it has been a lot (including S.C.), media will kill!”

Trump’s implication is that he’s actually done something in his first 100 days that warrants the media not “killing him” once the first 100 days mark officially rolls around.

Quite simply, that’s not true.

Twitter users showed up in comments section of Trump’s tweet to remind him that his presidency has thus far not exactly been defined by a series of successes.

Rob Szczerba, who’s Twitter bio identifies him as a literal rocket scientist, posted an epic list of all of Trump’s so-called “accomplishments” during his time in office thus far.

That list includes:

  • “Misplaced” an entire naval strike group
  • Appointed and fired Mike Flynn
  • Scared the crap out of foreign leaders
  • Learned that healthcare is really, really, really hard
  • Learned that old tweets can hang around a LONG time
  • Taught us to be VERY careful around microwaves


That last bullet point is birthed out of a comment that Trump’s top adviser Kellyanne Conway made to the effect of that the Obama team spied on the Trump team through microwaves.

As journalist Alex Zalben added, “You’re the guy that keeps setting ridiculous benchmarks and missing them, dummy.”

Zalben listed out some of these “ridiculous benchmarks”:

  • On hacking: “I will appoint a team to give me a plan within 90 days of taking office.” It’s Day 91 today.
  • On ISIS: “They will have 30 days to submit to the Oval Office a plan for soundly and quickly defeating ISIS.” That was 83 days ago.
  • On illegal immigrants: ““Day one, my first hour in office, those people are gone.” That was 90 days ago.
  • On Obamacare: You said you would demand Congress “immediately deliver a full repeal” on day one. That was 91 days ago.

And Trump really wants to act surprised that nobody is interested in patting him on the back on the occasion of his first 100 days in office?

Featured Image via Michael Vadon on Wikimedia Commons, Available Under a Creative Commons License.


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  1. pauline says:

    He did get a lot done on the golf course but that is all he has done. Now we are out of all the money he spent on vacation and he still won`t pay his taxes.
    we should all stop paying taxes and see where he gets the money to build his famous wall.

    Liked by 1 person

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