Twitter Rips Into Melania Trump For Recent Hypocritical Easter Twitter Posts

Although Melania Trump, as President Donald Trump’s latest wife, doesn’t normally bear the brunt of the criticism for his actions, some still tend to view her as complicit in her husband’s behavior.

That view was put on display in the comments section of the tweets that the First Lady posted on the occasion of Easter. Melania has her own personal account, but these went up on the @FLOTUS account which she, as First Lady, of course owns at present.

Melania’s tweets  — featured below — seem innocuous enough, but as is always the case with the Trumps, there is more to the story.

At the top of the comments section — in what’s technically full view of all the world — Twitter users ripped into the First Lady for not exactly helping when it comes to keeping her husband’s presidential administration in line.

On that first tweet, which was posted a few days before the Easter Monday White House Easter Egg Roll, someone wrote the following on the actual day of the Easter Egg Roll itself: “Smallest crowds ever at Easter egg roll this am.. just like inauguration! #loserInChief #fakeFlotus #unfit.”

Other Twitter users pointed out the irony in that the First Lady still doesn’t even live in the White House, in an arrangement that costs taxpayers untold millions of dollars on security expenses.


Again, these comments aren’t buried deep in the comments section somewhere. Rather, they’re right up near the top.

In short, Melania can not escape the fury over her husband’s treacherously bad presidential administration.

Featured Image via Marc Nozell on Wikimedia Commons, Available Under a Creative Commons License.


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