Ivanka Trump Can’t Escape Twitter’s Wrath, Gets Called Out Big Time For Arrogance

Being stupid on Twitter and then getting called out for it — also on Twitter — apparently runs in the Trump family.

Ivanka Trump, the President’s daughter, posted a message on Twitter this Thursday afternoon on the occasion of getting written up in TIME Magazine as one of their picks for the 100 most influential people in the world.

She wrote: I am honored to be included in this year’s Time 100 list. Thank you @WendiMurdoch for this beautiful tribute.”

Twitter, however, was sure to remind Ivanka that her inclusion in that list doesn’t come without a catch.

First of all, the account that Ivanka tagged in her tweet doesn’t even belong to the woman who actually wrote the piece about Ivanka which was featured in TIME.

For what it’s worth, the actual article about Ivanka that’s in TIME isn’t actually that inspiring. It simply describes Ivanka as having traded out one lavish lifestyle for another upon moving to Washington, D.C., after her father’s inauguration.

The article (which is written from a first person perspective) states: “I am deeply impressed by her courage to leave behind life as she knew it and move her young family to Washington to pursue positive change.”

Wow, how inspiring.

Anyway, other commenters on Ivanka’s tweet simply pointed out the hypocrisy in Ivanka’s acceptance of this honor, since she is routinely complicit in her father’s most horrifying decisions.

Oh and guess what?

Wendi Murdoch, Ivanka’s friend, happens to be another possible “Russia connection” in that she’s alleged to have dated Vladimir Putin. Wendi is the ex-wife of former Fox News head Rupert Murdoch.

Ivanka’s wealth simply can’t shield her from people’s fury at her connection to political corruption.


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