Twitter Rips Into Trump Again For Stupid Late Night/ Early Morning Tweets

Twitter spared no fury in virtually butchering the President for his latest round of virtual idiocy.

Trump offered up some unsurprisingly short-sighted comments on Twitter late Sunday night and early Monday morning.

Late Sunday night, he claimed that the media has been unfair in its coverage of the special elections that are taking place across the country to fill the Congressional seats vacated by his Cabinet picks.

He followed that late night tweet up with a number of bizarre comments on Twitter on Monday morning, claiming simply out of the blue, for instance, that “every story is badly slanted.”

(The book that Trump references in that middle tweet is a feat of internet trolling, consisting of entirely blank pages.)

As mentioned, Twitter let the President have it for his ridiculous comments.

Although there is a lot of cleverness to be found in the comments on Trump’s tweets, there could be said to be a deeper meaning too. Quite simply, those who are opposed to the advance of Trump’s racist, bigoted agenda aren’t going away, and they will hold the President accountable.

Commenters on Trump’s late Sunday evening tweet pointed out the terrifying absurdity inherent in the fact that posting “these disgusting, divisive tweets” is how the President of the United States chooses to pass the time.

Twitter users had similarly biting comments for Trump over his Monday morning tweets.

Featured Image via Gage Skidmore on Flickr, Available Under a Creative Commons License.


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