Massive Evacuations Reportedly Being Considered In South Korea As Region Prepares For War With U.S.

The possibility of massive evacuations in South Korea is reportedly being considered as the region prepares for war with the United States.

The evacuation plans cover the nearly 60,000 Japanese citizens who currently live in South Korea, according to NBC News. As NBC reports, “Besides commercial ships and planes, Japan would want to send military aircraft and ships to assist in the evacuation.”

In light of increasing tensions in the region, the possibility has become more serious that North Korea could lash out militarily. The Trump Administration recently deployed a U.S. Navy strike group to the waters off North Korea’s shore, prompting renewed threats of an attack on the United States and/or its allies from North Korea.

South Korea, as an ally of the United States that’s literally on the same peninsula as the belligerent dictatorship in question, is especially vulnerable to a retaliatory strike from North Korea.

Sure, Trump could help all of this by not resorting to military force at every opportunity, but that’s evidently never occurred to him.

The White House has, unsurprisingly, disputed claims that the presently deployed strike group is intended to carry out a “pre-emptive” assault on North Korea. Seriously though, are they really that surprised that it seems like they’re planning a strike, seeing as they’ve deployed a strike crew to the region?


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