Twitter Slams Trump Over His Stupid Early Easter Morning Tweets, And It’s Beautiful

President Trump took to Twitter this Sunday morning, as he does so many mornings.

He had a bizarre message to share about how, even though his administration hasn’t labeled China a currency manipulator, his feelings about the matter hadn’t changed.

That’s just not something that a President generally shares on Twitter.

He went on this Sunday morning to try and de-legitimize the protesters who assembled across the nation on Saturday to demand that he release his tax returns.

Seriously? This again? Anti-Trump protesters weren’t paid the first time that Trump suggested that they were, and they’re not paid now.

Well, as always, Twitter didn’t let him off the hook. The comments on Trump’s Sunday morning tweets point out just how much of a shallow hypocrite he really is.

Robert Maguire pointed out in the comments of Trump’s first Sunday morning tweet that perhaps it’s a good thing for him to not actually go through with labeling China as a currency manipulator — although there’s a catch.

Other commenters also spoke to the glaring hypocrisy and shallowness inherent in Trump’s tweet about China.

In the comments section of Trump’s tweets responding to the Saturday protesters demanding the release of his tax returns, Twitter users pointed out the utter absurdity of Trump’s dismissal of the entire breadth of concern underlying those protests.

Featured Image via Michael Vadon on Wikimedia Commons, Available Under a Creative Commons License.


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  1. Joseph says:

    Skip the tax returns just impeach him

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  2. Donald You will never be the President that Obama was because you couldn’t endure the disrespect given to a real American!

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