2016 Libertarian National Convention In Pictures

The 2016 Libertarian National Convention was held Memorial Day Weekend at the Rosen Centre in Orlando, Florida.

The delegates at the convention, hailing from wings of the Libertarian party stretching across the nation, chose on Sunday former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson as their presidential nominee, with former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld as his running mate.

The Libertarians hope to make a serious run for the White House this election, feeling like they can pose the biggest challenge ever to the dominant two parties, the Democrats and the Republicans.

In the three polls in which now confirmed nominee Johnson had his name included, he polled at around 10 percent. Reaching the polling threshold required to be on the general election debate stage -or overthrowing the requirement altogether through legal means- is key to Johnson’s strategy, with him saying that simple name recognition, for both himself and the party, is one of the biggest areas to work on.

Check out some pictures below, both author’s own work and via Kimberly Newton, used with permission.

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  1. Hey Newton,

    I don’t think they stand a chance in general election. But thank you so much for this report.



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