Welcome To The Inside

“Welcome to the inside,”┬áSean McCulloch sings on the title track from Phinehas’ 2017 release, Dark Flag.

The album is a rousing recognition of the plight of the people of North Korea. In its thematic content, Dark Flag binds the two worlds of music and politics together into a powerful force. Both seek, in theory at least, to address the same issue (although music is generally far better at it) — that of separated, isolated people needing to be brought together.

In both the political and music worlds, corrupt individuals co-opt creative processes for their own purposes. Similarly, in both the political and music worlds, there exist a number of people working tirelessly to bring people together and mend the wounds enacted by the circumstances of our existence.

On this site — for now at least — you’ll find articles I’ve written that reflect my views about the world, for better or for worse. I openly do not believe that Donald Trump is a good president. He doesn’t know what he’s doing, and that’s dangerous, although on the other hand, I look down on those who would seek to capitalize on fear associated with Trump’s rise through pure clickbait.

With these issues in mind, welcome to Global News Breakdown. This site is a work in progress; I’m in college and have a main, “real” job so I can’t commit as much time to this site as I’d like — yet, at least.

If you’re interested in joining me in maintaining this site — or need someone to do marketing or PR work for you — contact me. Contact me for any questions, really, and enjoy my presentation of the world, as I see it.